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Special Live “Snowcast” Sunday 1/5/14 – 10am Eastern, 9am Central

At the request of St. Mark’s, Plainfield in the Diocese of Indianapolis, we will be offering a special, one-time-only Live Webcast Sunday at 10am Eastern, 9am Central Time, especially for people whose regular Sunday services are canceled due to a … Continue reading

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Special Post: Live Webcasts of Morning Prayer Start Tomorrow

(UPDATED with access link below. From now on this will appear at the top of our webpage Monday through Friday. We cannot send individual invitations.) Dear Congregation, Starting tomorrow, and for the next three weeks, we will begin live webcasting … Continue reading

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Special Post: We’re Growing Too Fast to Keep Up With

Dearly beloved, This site is growing so fast that I can barely keep up with it. That means I need help. The site isn’t going anywhere, but I’m getting in trouble. (None of this is related to yesterday’s power outage, … Continue reading

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Special Post: Deacon Leilani Nelson on the Philadelphia 11, Ordained 39 Years Ago Today

Beloveds, I can tell you where I was 39 years ago today, when 11 women were ordained as Episcopal priests in Philadelphia. It was that kind of historic, cataclysmic event. I’d just turned 23 and was attending the National Institute … Continue reading

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Special Post: The Rev. Bosco Peters on Liturgy

Vicar’s Note: As videos go this is fairly long, 45 minutes, though it’s actually a brief and entertaining lecture, which I’m posting because I found it very worthwhile for clergy and laypeople. I commend the first five minutes or so … Continue reading

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Site News: More Intimate, Inclusive Language in the Psalter

Beloved, Today I am announcing a change which, if I didn’t make a point of it, you probably wouldn’t notice. It’s a development many of your clergy and parishes have already gone through without much fanfare. I’m excited about it. … Continue reading

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Special Post: Prayers & Help for Storm Victims in NY & NJ

Father Bob Solon Jr., a doctoral student at General Theological Seminary in New York and an adviser to our sites, writes as follows: “Josh, please ask for continued prayers for those without heat or light in Brooklyn and NJ. And … Continue reading

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